Mama Lou

Who knew?

1 January
Je ne sait. I am trying to learn French so that I can move to Canada to study aerial trapeze and silks. I have a degree in Religious Studies from Hunter College. I am one of those crazy NYC Burly-Q gals who run brazenly through the NY night in blur of sequence and fringe. I am starting my own costume company focusing on circus costumes because I have some kind of kncack for sewing anything spandex. I moved to NY with a clown group. Yes, the kind with red noses. I love sillyness in all forms and am quite fond of anything white-trash. Oh, right. Probably because I'm from Kansas where the most exciting thing going on in my home town is the new Nascar track. ....ahhh.... Kansas (which, besides being ironic, is also our State Motto! Yeah, they thought real hard on that one.)