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02:41 am: Dr. Sketchy Melbourne
Tonight I modeled for Dr. Sketchy in Melbourne at the Butterfly Club with the lovely hostess Mel Knight and her professional wrestler brother Chris Knight - who fought me PRO-Wrestling style - in front of a room full of life drawers!
It was insanity! At one point we did a 5 min pose with him holding me in the air like he was going to body check me! And as fake tan (his not mine) stained my skin, looking down past his massive pec muscles onto the crowd of artists drawing the scene, I said out loud, "You have no idea how surreal this moment is!"
And then later - as the lovely Mel Knight gave me her copy of Dr. Sketchy's Rainy Day Coloring Book and I looked through it and saw all the pictures of people I love dearly - Darlinda Just Darlinda for one- and told the Melbourne peeps about how inspiring she is and being excited because the rainbow wig she has on in the drawing is one I gave to her when we were making costumes for a benefit we did for Topher in the Park Slope gay club... what was the name?? I saw pictures of Scarlet, Amber Ray, Dottie, Little Brooklyn, Marawa, Sparkly Devil, and more. When I looked through the book from start to finish as I got home I was so struck with a feeling of love and awe. Especially for Molly Crabapple who has created a global phenomenon and never given up.

I realized that what we do IS imporatant. IT IS SO IMPORTANT. And I love, honor, and respect every person I've been lucky enough to work with and call a friend in this crazy journey.

Yes, Shine on you crazy diamonds!

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Date:April 30th, 2008 06:50 pm (UTC)

yes, it sure is! :D

keep kickin' ass down under, sweetie!
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